Okay, to the people on my friends list, you needn't pay any attention to this post, so ignore it as if it were a useless post you'd find in a community. But if you are genuinely interested, go ahead and click the cut!!

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Attention 8Kim!!

Alright, fellow 8Kim-ers!!

I have mixed the music for the lip-sync!! Yes, I was a good child and I did it!! So, I have the four songs. I wasn't sure when I was supposed to cut it off for "Stop" but... meh. Anyways, we have to make sure that our lines in between the songs aren't too long because each song piece is about... a minute long? Yeah. I think one is like, forty seconds, but they're kind long. So yes.

Karen, Delaney, Tina: You guys have to show me what you came up with today, okay?


P.S. I officially am not too fond of Green Apple vodka.
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This is for all you people who I don't want having access to my livejournal because:

A) I don't know you
B) I don't want you reading it
C) I don't trust you

So if you fall under any of those categories, get the hell away from my livejournal.

I'm sorry if I sound mean, but as stated above, this livejournal is for the reading pleasure of friends only, bitches.

La la la..

Okay, I'm determined to create a few pretty wallpapers featuring Alexis Bledel, Rachel McAdams, and Jessica Alba, depending on the pictures I find. But, I shall have to wait until my daddy gets home so I can show him how I got perfect on the math test so I can get Herman back. Once I do, I'll be going on a graphic-making spree. Beleive me.

There's a 50% chance I will get my dress from Femme de Carriere. My mum and her friend went and saw it and my mum's friend liked it, so she may give in (plus, my mum owes me because I beat her at ping pong). But the other 50% means that I may get this other one that my mum found at Marciano. Yeah. So, that's all for grad news. I'm hoping to get some money from my grandma and then I can buy a nice purse (either a clutch or a Guess handbag - in white) and white shoes!! ^.^ I'm excited. By the way, I'm definately getting the FDC dress in red if I do get that style.

In other news, I am a stupid child that needs to be shot. I failed the math AND science test. I will simply use the supply teachers as my scapegoats. Yeah. That's it. Today was unbelievably disgusting parce-que it was like, 40 degrees outside and humid (icky) so I took a shower when I got home and now I'm in a very good mood.

Anyways... yes. Other than our potluck end-of-day snack in French, not much happened. Don't worry, I'll post any graphics I make in celebration of having Herman on made_withlove.

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*is sad*

*growls* I'm mad at you Delaney. You reminded me of all the crap homework I have to have done. Je detest le homework. I'm going to be nocturnal again for a couple weeks. *cries hysterically* I might have another nervous breakdown!! Here's a list of my homework:

- Baby journal (completed)
- Migration Essay
- Science Fair project (which I am doing individually, thank you very much)
- Essay for Wednesday
- Book Talk
- Baby Scrapbook (currently being redone)
- Watercolour Project (it's been... *counts fingers* ...eight weeks since I started it and I'm not done yet)
- French E-mail

And prolly a whole other crapload I forgot about. *feels stressed* I hate this. Mainly 'cause... *counts*... all but one of those things are either overdue, being redone or due sometime this week. I'm going to go insane. Mark my words.

Now, on a positive note, I have made a banner to rival Sandra's banner. The banner she made was a compilation of brushes she got. My banner is a Ron/Hermione manipulation with a couple of tweaks. And if you think that manips are easy, you should be shot. It took me an hour or so to do this one using two pictures. Here's Sandra's banner:

*has "Popozao" stuck in head* *hits head in hopes of getting rid of it* Now, here's my banner:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Likie? Okay, your job is to rate each one and we shall find out who wins title of best banner-maker-er. Just so y'all know, it took me two hours. For two hours, my homework was neglected so I could make this banner/manip. Feel proud of me and sympathetic for the homework.

Rate them!!

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6 days!!!

We had the Rememberance Day assembly today and we had to perform/play Dona Nobis Pacem for the whole school and oh god. Our performance was horrid. Absolutely horrid. We were awful. The flutes and Delaney (who is practically our savior) started off fine, but then the clarinets and trumpet slowed down a bit. So we felt really terrible and cruddy so we chose to play it again for just Mr Braund and he says that we were "much better." Yesss. WE STARTED SELLING CHOCOLATE TODAY!!! Delaney says she's never seen Tina run so fast. I've already sold four (two to myself and two to each of my sisters). I'm feeling overwhelmed with school. I'm a major pracrastinator so I don't have my comic for library done (shh!!) and stuffs. I also have to do...four tests next week (including a retest). I asked Mr Kim if I could do my retest in a seperate room and he said it would be fine.

Aparently, Mr Dinis' car was TP'd!! Omigod! It's funny 'cause there's a prank war going on between the teachers and Mr Dinis had his car covered in toilet paper. We went on a field trip to go see it. At the end of school, Karen and I went to go see the note that was left. It said: "From your friendly neighbourhood spiderman." This means it could be anyone. *sigh* Also, Delaney told Blake that when he visits/takes Shayna out today, he should come from behind and hug me. So Sandra kept on bugging me about it and when he arrived, he didn't, for which I was truly grateful. And frankly, it wouldn't've been very safe to, either.

I went to Vaughan Mills. I only got half-way around the whole mall when it closed. I got a light, pale blue cardigan with sequins on it. Ish nice. So...what else to put...I'm going to Windsor next Saturday and we're going to York University next Thrusday which means the due date of the magazine will have to be postponed and better yet, I will be away next Friday do to a certain event (and I swear if you don't know what I am talking about 1) you are totally deprived or 2) you are really stupid). Yay!!

Anyways...I think I'll be going now. Band has been moved to Friday's at lunch so we can attend now and the school play auditions will (hopefully) be starting soon, so there's gonna be another two additions to my list of extra-curriculars. Whoo!! Bye now.


Userpic of the Day: Ronald Weasley (with the traitor on his shoulder). I hope Delaney likes this one.
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School tomorrow...*groan*

*sigh* Well, I'm definately feeling a whole lot better about the whole stress thing. I wrote in my journal (I write in it whenever I'm mad, sad, depressed or just contemplative) and it made me feel better and happy again!! So, the Raptors had a game today against the Nets and WE LOST BY A MERE ONE POINT! I dunno if I should feel proud of sad. Yeah, the final score was 104 - 103 for the Nets. I.Hate.Vince.Carter.And.That.Stupid.Ref. They kicked Peterson out for the STUPIDEST reason EVER!! In the history of basketball. Okay, prolly not like that, but it was pretty ridiculous.

Anyways, Thanks to Karen for helping me out with the French project!! *hugs Karen* Speaking of which, I should get around to that. Actually, before I start, I wanna throw my clothes into the washing machine...'cause I only have one clean pair of jeans and they're distressed so I'm not allowed to wear them to school. *sigh* Okay, I'm getting a tutor and that's final. Which reminds me, Delaney, when are you having your SSATs? Good luck for that, not that you need it. Here's my list of things to do before I go to bed:

To Do List

- Get clothes washed
- Type up list of achievments and extra-curriculars
- Complete French project
- Watch Desperate Housewives

They had BETTER have a new episode. It's been reruns all break!! I should go now. Bye~

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*is happy*

Actually, scratch that title. I'm not happy. I feel stressed. I have not yet begun my French project, seeing as I don't have a clue how it is supposed to work 'cause Mlle Laranjeiro is an idiot and didn't explain how to do anything. She held up examples a trillion miles away from us and wouldn't let us look at 'em afterwards, so that's one. Two, I'm nervous about the Science Fair, 'cause I'm working alone and not a single idea has come to mind and I don't know how I'll manage. Trust me, I've thought about it, but I'm not coming up with anything.

Thirdly, the math test. I'm scared I've forgotten everything and that I'll fail math. Fourthly, I'm scared that I'll fail English 'cause I did horribly on my grammar tests and my stupid things for Ms Brooking. English is what I am best at and my favourite subject, and it is also most important and I want a career English related. I CANNOT FAIL ENGLISH, YOU HEAR ME?!?! After that, I'm having a tad bit of Writer's Block and that's irritating me to no end. I'm also very stressed about the whole high school applications thing. I dunno if I'm going to end up applying to VRA. *sigh* Amazing, school hasn't started and I'm stressing.

I'm also so afraid that I'm going to let my dad down. After my horrible average, he said that all he's asking is that I raise it by five percent, which I don't see too difficult to accomplish. But...with the thoughts of these projects, tests, and failures looming in my head...I don't know if I can achieve even a three percent raise. *gets teary* I'm so nervous...I hate school. If this is the pressure for me now, image what it's like for people with exams?

I'm also so scared that my Animal Farm analysis wasn't good enough. *gets tearier* I don't know what to do. I want a tutor. That's it. Tomorrow, I'm asking my daddy for a tutor. I hate this. I hate stress. I barely get stressed. I need something to calm my nerves. I think the only two things that can possibly take the stress away are reading and writing. For now, only writing in a journal will do because I have Writer's Block and that's killing me. Reading does wonders on the stressed mind. To have an escape like a book? Wow. I want to be a writer someday, to be able to create a portal into a fictional universe where you can escape to for hours on end?

*deep breath* I'm going to go mad. Watch me. The day before a test of during some project or even in the middle of class, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I'll be sent into rehab. I think only once in my life I've had a nervous breakdown, and Tina was there to help me. For that, I love her. I'vve have panic attacks, but that's it. I think that the time is calling for a second nervous breakdown. *sobs* I hate this.

I used to be so happy, so optimistic. And now...this. I don't know how people make it through school alive. I will make it somehow. For those people who are getting worried by this (I know a couple of people who might), don't worry. Stress is normal. Not for me, but it is. I'm not going to sink to the level of considering suicide or cutting or who knows what your sick little minds are thinking of. Other than that, I'm doing fine. I'm so happy that Karen's back! I'll be working my poor little butt off to get that French project finished tomorrow...


Icon of the Day: Slightly appropriate. As is my current music.
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*slams head onto table* Omigod...I feel so tired. I've stayed up this late, trying to update my quizilla homepage, but it's stupid and empty-ish, so I'm crawling to Sara for help. *eyelids become heavy* Anyways, here's what's happened so far: Went to Nicole's house, got half-drunk on Smirnoff vodka (it was like, only seven percent alcohol), Mia came, Nicole and Mia became whores, got scared, left, watched Back to the Future with Natalie and her cousin/aunt, went home. Yeah. That's it. *rocks back and forth in seat*

It's a shame that I can't sleep. I'm the type that no matter how sleepy I am, if I go to bed, it takes me years to fall asleep. *sigh* Anyways, Roxanne, I finally watched Potter Puppet Pals. Omigod. SO funny. *chuckles* "Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother." Yanno, I had a couple of potter puppet pals icons, but I never knew there was an actual video-thingy. It's so funny. DD streaking. *pinches nose* "I am Snape, the Potions Master." LMAO

For you people who want to see it (actually, I might even force you to see it), here's the link:

VIVA LE SMIRNOFF. Nicole and I had about a bottle of vodka each. I didn't get as drunk as she did though. For her, she claims she was dizzy and theh room was spinning and stuff. For me, I just had a really bad headache. I think I'm starting to get that pain in my head again. It was so sad that there were only four bottles. When we finished the second, there weren't any left. *sigh* I want more!! IT WAS SO YUMMY!! ^.^ I want more. Nicole said next time she came to my house, she'd sneak a bottle or two into her purse. *smirk* Yesss. It's sooooooo good. I never thought I'd like vodka. I think my dad'll kill me if he finds out I had some...

*becomes energized by Canada Dry* It is currently Christmas. I got a fair amount of gifts, not that I care. I just hope I got that nano. Prolly not. I haven't been well behaved over the past week. *snort* "Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother." LMAO!! Oh yeah! We also went to Natasha's house and we watched the beginning of Herbie before my mum forced us to leave. Psht. Whatever. It was nice though. I think I should go now...


Icon of the Day: Ha ha...this is in the second clip, Trouble at Hogwarts.
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*is happy*

Ha ha, life is good. Not perfect and still stressful, but good nonetheless. CHIARA HAS READ FOR YOU TO NOTICE AND SHE LOVED IT!!! OMIGOD YES!! My posting the links was not in vain!! >.< That made my day. I woke up today at...*whispers* one o' the afternoon. Not good. Yeah, my insomnia during the school year has taken its toll on me. SO HAPPY!!

Lots, and lots of updates on Quizilla so I'm gonna go read them!! ^.^ Got PS 7.0!! ^.^ My writer's block has shattered!! ^.^ We're going to Nicole's house this evening!! ^.^ It's Christmas Eve!! ^.^ SO HAPPY!!! Whhhhhhhheeeeeeeeee!!!! Who cares about that French project I have a mere two and a half days to finish? Honestly. Haha, you're turning out to be like me when I first got my lj account. You know who you are. *chuckles*

*sigh* SO HAPPY!! I don't think I'll be able to stop smiling!! Maybe it's Herman!! Yes! It's Herman! Herman always knows how to make me smile!! *hugs Herman* I have to eat some more 'cause this porridge is nasty and I want le cereal. A bientot!!


Icon of the Day: lmao. I got this one for Delaney, but I still lurve it. Although I love Harry and Cedric and Krum so much more. But Ron is too funny for words. *remembers one-shot* *gets teary* *runs away in search of tissue*

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