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The Realm of Insanity

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Me Fourteen. Brunette. Minor Niner. Tall. Crazy.
Loves Writing. Reading. Eating. Sleeping. Photoshop. Shopping. Basketball. Volleyball. Soccer. Magazines. Books. Movies. Literature. Music. Friends. Veronica Mars. Prison Break. Desperate Housewives. 8 Simple Rules. Life With Derek. Harry Potter. Clothes. Fashion. Photography. Graphic Design. Socks. Jeans. Fluff. Sweaters.
Hates Teachers. Racism. Egos. Inconsideration. Coffee. Hypocrites. Smokers. Exams. Tests. Business Assignments. Overexposed Celebrities. Bathing Suits. Women.
Fears Crowded Areas. Bugs. Heights. Strangers. Moving Cars. Enclosed Spaces.